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Back in the 1970’s I received a super 8 camera and took over 65 movies of my kids plus special events. Now it is 2017 and I am unable to view them or show them to my adult children. I found an ad for Nice Story Productions from Don Dobrez, Jr. I called him and he was very helpful, professional in explaining the procedures of the conversion of the movies, and he was patient and friendly with me. He gave me all the necessary information. Well, when I received the films back I was totally impressed with his professional and organized arrangement of the films. His movie cases even had pictures of the kids and the heading of the McGoldrick family home movies — I was so pleased. I viewed all the 4 tapes and laughed and cried at the re-living of my children’s lives and of my deceased family members. Despite the fact the movies were over 40 years old they now look brand new with the coloring and the clarity of the movies. I am so grateful that Don did such a professional and superb job in converting my super 8’s to DVD tapes. His cost is very reasonable for the conversion and of the editing and colorizing that needs to be done. These old movies are priceless and now thanks to him I can pass them on to my children. I highly recommend him to do your “Spring Cleaning” so you can also re-live, enjoy and love your old films.

~ Sandy Mcgoldrick


I spent 2-1/2 hours in the library transferring my VHS tape; got it transferred ok; but it was such a headache to watch with all the distortion- it was filmed 28 yrs ago after all. Wish I would’ve know about Nice Story before I wasted my time & saved some headaches. Don did such a great job now it’s such a pleasure to watch friends & family clearly from 28 years ago!!

~Mary Dietz Piunti


This was such an AWESOME experience. My very old camcorder and reel to reel tapes were put on DVD the quality superb. Don and his wife are family people who genuinely care about your product. They were completed much faster than anywhere else and i could not beat the price. This should be where everyone goes for Quality work…no wait…forget I said this because I want them all to myself..Thank you NICE STORY PRODUCTIONS for giving me back my most cherished memories.

~Sheila Sawatski


I want to give a wholehearted endorsement to Nice Story Productions and the owner, Don Dobrez.

I had 11 videotapes from when my kids were young and no way to watch them. I saw a post about Don on Facebook and brought my tapes to him. In about a week I had my tapes converted to DVDS and am now able to relive all the old memories. For years I have been contemplating what to do with the tapes and didn’t want to send any tapes through the mail.

Please, if anyone wants their old tapes converted, look up the Nice Story Productions site on Facebook. Don did an incredible job, and I am truly grateful I found him and his company.  To show what a small world it is, Don’s sister, Lynda, used to babysit for my son, Andy, when he was little.

~Mary Beth Grupp


What a wonderful experience I had dealing with Don!! The DVD’s are excellent quality and the covers are an excellent added touch. It was so nice to give my movies to somebody who could be trusted. I can’t wait to get more movies converted!!!

~Sandra Pohlman

After meeting Don and Debbie at Carl Sandburg‘s craft show in November 2017, I soon realized this would be a great Christmas present to give to my husband. I sorted and labeled my tapes then arranged them chronologically. Don transferred 31 cassettes and created about 22 DVD’s, naming the set “Daddy movies” (as I requested) which spanned 19 years of my children’s life and our family events. I was in awe of the DVD labels- colorful, professional and personalized uniquely! For each label, Don pulled a few still shots from the specific movies, for easy recognition. I allowed a reasonable amount of time to complete this project and Don fulfilled that deadline. I had checked out other transfer services to complete this project and their prices were higher yet their end result would have been inferior to Don Dobrez Jr.  So glad I waited! Thanks so much Don! I highly recommend him!

Maureen Bull Pinta


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