Preserve Your Family Memories for Generations to Come

Videotape Transfer
$15 for tapes up to 2 hours
Digitize and transfer videotapes to DVD, with motion menus and custom covers. Price is per tape, total of up to 2 hours of footage. An additional $10 charge is added for tapes longer than 2 hours in length. Tapes 30 minutes or less are only $10 each.
Home Movies Transfer
$10 per reel 50′, $40 for 200′, $60 for 400′
All film reels (8mm and Super 8mm films) are cleaned and then scanned frame-by-frame in high definition (HD), color corrected and burned to DVD with motion menus. Additional fees will apply to reels that have sound. Digital copies are saved to thumb drive.
Slides Scanned to DVD
Slides Scanned
 .35 each up to 500, .25 each over 500, .20 each over 1000
Slides are scanned in High Definition, cleaned and color-corrected, and burned to DVD or copied to thumb drive. Slideshows also available.